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Komatsu Genuine Parts To Buy Online

Genuine Komatsu spare parts are manufactured to the highest quality according to Komatsu Technical Standards (KES). They are manufactured in house or under license from carefully selected suppliers. Either way, they are powered by the latest Komatsu technology for maximum performance and the longest lifespan for your Komatsu equipment.

You can check over here the modern devices require excellent filtration for maximum performance and reliability. Komatsu OEM filters provide excellent protection with a patented design and filter media.

– Maximum capacity to remove contaminants

– Higher tear resistance due to strong filter media

– Better protection when starting a cold engine

– Maintenance kits available for standard service intervals

Komatsu offers genuine GET solutions from the smallest auxiliary machines to the largest production machines in the world, we have a solution for every application. Available components include teeth, edge bolts, end caps and ripper.

The only oil specially developed for komatsu engines. When used as directed, our full range of premium lubricants helps reduce maintenance costs, increase reliability and performance, and ultimately extend the life of your equipment.

Periodic inspections of long-term engine conditions, Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis are carried out according to Komatsu's strict instructions to avoid engine downtime and unplanned repairs and to extend component life. Analysis results are delivered quickly and easily on our multilingual website.