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Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery in Dallas TX

Many women are surprised to learn that breast augmentation is usually not a one-time operation. Women need to be prepared for revision surgery at least once in their lives, perhaps more often. Such audits may be required every ten years.

The reasons for the breast implant revision operation can be different. Usually, but not always, revision may be required due to deflation or rupture of the implant. Physiological implants are filled once they are inserted during surgery, which means valves or ports can sometimes be damaged and salt leaks out. It is harmless if this solution is absorbed by the body; it will leak in the urine. However, it is now like a flat tire and it can be very clear that there has been a leak that requires replacement surgery. With silicone implants, the rupture is usually due to fatigue and damage to the implant shell or a capsular contracture.

Capsular contractures are scar tissue that builds up around the implant in such a way that the implant is very hard to touch and sometimes deforms. If the stress on the implant is significant, the implant may even tear over time. In most cases, the silicone remains in the implant or at least in the pocket. However, it is advisable to remove the scar tissue in a timely manner and replace the implant. If the leak or tear is caused by a device malfunction, the breast implant manufacturer has a generous replacement policy. The implant has a lifetime guarantee and if replacement occurs within 10 years of the initial surgery, the manufacturer will reimburse the patient for a partial reimbursement of the cost of the surgery.

Despite the knowledge that more surgical procedures may be performed in the future, breast augmentation remains the most requested procedure by women.