Reasons Why You Should Pursue CISSP Certification

CISSP is one of the most valued information technology and information security certifications in the world. With a proven track record of over 25 years, CISSP truly shows that you are on top of your cybersecurity game in terms of knowledge and experience.

Why should you consider CISSP certification?

Here are some fantastic reasons why CISSP could be the right certificate for you:

• You maximize your profit potential. The average CISSP earns many dollars per year. This reflects a number of aspects that underpin the CISSP, including extensive cybersecurity knowledge, hands-on cybersecurity experience from at least four years of paid industry employment, and a commitment to a strict code of ethics.

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• You maximize your career potential. The demand for CISSP qualified personnel is significantly higher than the number of proxies. And with (ISC)² The Cybersecurity Workforce Survey revealing a global cyber workforce shortage of more than 2.9 million men and women, there's no better time to accelerate your career development with CISSP.

• You will assert yourself among your peers. CISSP is difficult and difficult to achieve. Achieving CISSP is a proud achievement and shows the industry and your peers that you are the consummate industry professional with the vast experience to provide effective cybersecurity leadership and guidance for the organizations you work for. In fact, the 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report shows that the CISSP is the most valuable authority among employers.