How To Install A Composite Front Door

You've chosen a composite front door, good choice, what's next? It's important to buy from a trusted manufacturer from the start, and a good guide to this is usually looking at what options they offer, what customer reviews they have, and how well-established they are.

Once you've found a company in your area that you trust and you've decided on a door that fits your taste, your home style, and your budget, it's time to decide whether to install one or not choose to stick with it. You can also get more information about modern composite doors via

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A good composite door manufacturer will give you full instructions and a DIY DVD to walk you through the process, but the basics involve the following steps.

The first step

Measure your doorway with a suitable tape measure, making sure to measure inside the doorway. All composite door manufacturers require accurate measurements to ensure the door you order fits the room, and the best companies will offer advice or even a demo video on how to measure your door.

Second step

Once your door is shipped, make sure you have enough time to remove the existing door and install the new one. 

Third step

Remove the existing front door and make sure you clean the rest thoroughly. 

You can even search online for more information about modern composite doors.