Family Portrait Photography Guide

To take great family photos, your family portrait photographer needs to be very quick to sketch out the perfect moment. This is very different from still photography. Creativity is the most important factor here which can give you an unforgettable family portrait. Better to take enough time and try out different family portrait ideas via

Clothing is a key factor when creating a family photoshoot. Dark-coloured clothes can be used for dark/medium backgrounds. Similarly, light-coloured clothes can be used against a light background. A large portrait session requires maintaining a unique hue for all members present in the frame.

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It is usually recommended to wear clothes that are a lighter or darker colour than the background colour of the family portrait. Traditional clothes with pastel shades such as gray, brown can give a fun portrait of personality. Avoid dazzling coloured clothes for this type of frame and try to keep it harmonious.

Another idea is to go to the mall and take some pictures there. Shopping malls are usually very beautiful and colourfully decorated. With lively backdrops and easy-to-use digital technology, it's easy, fun and engaging to experiment with different portrait, background and foreground ideas to make the holidays fun and memorable.

To enhance creativity in family portraits, various themes like co-op, superheroes can be used. Associations can also be changed for different time periods. For example, if you want to use a sixties theme for your family photo, everyone should dress according to the fashion of the time. It will definitely add extra flavour to the unforgettable portrait frame.