Book Early To Get A Space In Inca Trail

Inca Trail is among the most popular trail across South America. Due to its rising popularity, it became too crowded. Peruvian authorities have introduced an updated policy to safeguard the trail from excessive use.

The new rules limit the number of hikers who can use the trail. In 2005, the new rules took force. Since then, getting an area on the Inca trail has become ever more difficult. Today, you need to reserve your spot three months ahead if you intend to visit during peak season for the Inca Trail trip.

The government started to implement all of the provisions of this rule in 2005. In the new rules, during the course of a day, the maximum number of people who are allowed to use the Inca trail is 500. Of these, only 200 are trekkers, the rest include cooks, porters, and guides. Another significant aspect of this law is that the trekking businesses who operate on the Inca Trail must possess an operating permit that is renewed each calendar year, in the month of March. Additionally, all trekking companies must be local and have a physical headquarters in Peru.

Because only 500 people are allowed to access the trail every day and spaces are limited, they fill up quickly. In the high season (April through September) all 500 spots have been filled about two months prior. If you think that, once you’ve reached Peru and you decide to pick an operator and then go on the trail, you’ll be disappointed. You might have to return with no hiking Inca trail. You must therefore make reservations well in advance.