Why Wear A Span Ring?

A span ring is a type of jewelry that has a metal band with two or more links. It is often used as a circlet, or as an anklet. Span rings are made out of a variety of metals, including silver, gold, and platinum.

People use span rings for different reasons. They can be used as an anchor to keep a tattoo in place or as a surgical suture to close a wound. Span rings have also been used for centuries as wedding bands and mourning jewelry.

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When it comes to Span Rings, there are three main types: Box Spans, C-Spans, and J-Spans. Each type of span ring has its own unique benefits and should be used in a specific situation.

Box Spans are the most common type of span ring. They consist of two parallel metal bars that are welded together at one end. When you need to span a distance between two points, you can simply fit the box span between the points and tighten the screws on either side.

C-Spans are similar to box spans, but they have a wider cross-section. This allows them to withstand more tension before they buckle.

J-Spans are the most unique type of span ring. They consist of two parallel metal bars that are not welded together at all. Instead, they are held together by pins that extend from one bar to the other.

Some benefits of span rings include:

1- They can be used to create a curve on your wrist that looks nice.

2- They can help you stay active because they keep your wrists flexible.

3- They can help you with your circulation because they keep your hands warm.