Why Inspirational Books Are So Popular Among Authors

In the past, fiction could be divided into only a handful of categories. The most popular were science fiction, horror and romance. Today's readers have more varied tastes than ever before, which gives writers more freedom to write their stories.

 Inspirational fiction authors are selling in record numbers, much like Stephen King's work of the eighties and nineties. If you are looking for the best selling motivational books then you can purchase stimulation inspiring novels and increase your productivity.

What is it that inspires fiction, rather than horror or Sci-Fi, is so popular? Many believe it's a return to faith after recent events such as the World Trade Center attack or the Myanmar cyclone. It may be true. People struggle to understand the world around them and need to find meaning. 

Some would argue that the old favourites of the genre are losing steam. It is not much you can do for space aliens or werewolves. Inspirational or Christian fiction is a popular choice for readers who are looking for something new. 

At the time of writing, Karen Kingsbury was the nation's number one inspirational writer. Her books, Life-Changing Fiction, have been dubbed "The Queen of Christian Fiction". Although her stories are not always fairytale endings, they all revolve around God's graces and redemption.