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How Do Watch Winders Work?

A watch winder is a complex device designed to serve a simple purpose: to keep an automatic watch running when it’s not being worn. Watch winders vary in style and size. Some resemble small jewelry boxes, while others act as safes.

How do Watch Winders Work?

When the watch owner doesn’t plan on wearing their watch that day, they’ll carefully place it in the watch winder. You can easily buy a watch winder via Straps.no.

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Once secured in the watch winder, make the appropriate adjustment to the winder’s controls, following the winder manufacturer’s directions.

These may include rotation direction, turns per day (TPD), length of operation, and more. Refer to your watch’s manual for specifics about winding direction and TPD. Can’t find that information in your manual? Check this handy guide.

The watch winder will then be switched on. Batteries or AC power operate watch winders, so they’ll either need to be switched on by pressing a button or by being plugged into a power source.

The watch winder will begin mimicking the movements and motions associated with the human wrist before pausing. How often and the length of pauses depends on your specific TPD settings, but most watch winders will turn for 30 seconds to one minute before pausing.

When the owner decides to wear their watch once more, they’ll remove it from the watch winder and place it on their wrist.