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How To Recycle EPS Collection In Sydney?

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is 100% recyclable. The tonnes of EPS was recycled throughout and we are working closely with local authorities and businesses across the country to see the figure increase. You can hop over to this website nicsonsbp.com.au/eps-recycling for eps recycling.

Segregation: Ideally, EPS should be separated prior to discharge into the waste stream to minimize contamination and not occupy container capacity for other recyclable materials. EPS recycling must be separated from other materials in the waste stream before it can be recycled.

Reprocessing: The collected EPS is fed to the granulation machine. The granular material is then fed to a hopper where it is stored before being compressed into a continuous length. This compressed material is broken down into lengths suitable for palletizing. After palletizing, the material is ready to be shipped.

Collection: Because EPS is light, transportation costs are an important part of recycling. The requirements for processing EPS scrap are usually determined by the recycler. In most cases, EPS scrap is loosely packed or pressed into bales prior to transport. Recently, companies that use a lot of EPS packaging have been actively working with recyclers to cover transportation and collection costs.

Export: Currently, most recycled EPS material is exported for further processing due to the low level of waste EPS generated and very little domestic demand for the product. However, EPS is committed to working with companies to develop a closed EPS recycling industry.

Converting EPS into other products: After being exported, the EPS material is grated and then extruded to form General Purpose Polystyrene Granules (GPPS). It can then be used as a starting material for applications such as synthetic wood, CD and video cassette cases, stationery as well as plant pots and coat hangers.

Waffle Pod Slab System To Build Your Home

If you're not a builder, you probably haven't heard of waffle boards until you start thinking about building your dream home. What exactly is a waffle plate? Wafer slab is a reinforced concrete base and slab system, usually about 80 mm thick, that is attached directly to the floor. 

The Waffle Pod Slab System is an innovative method for constructing concrete slabs that offers exceptional strength and durability. Another advantage is a significant reduction in construction costs, as the high labor costs associated with excavation are eliminated. 

You can simply buy waffle pod concrete slab via Nicsons Building Products for your home. While waffle irons are faster, easier to make, and less expensive, there are a few things to consider before choosing this type of waffle:

Site condition

If the soil under your slab is soft, this can cause serious problems for your home – especially if the soil is prone to movement or erosion. This movement can put pressure under the plate where it no longer touches the ground and also become a haven for unwanted reptiles and wildlife seeking refuge.


Simply put, the waffle plate is built into the floor so that it simply slips under its own weight.

Typhoon / strong wind zone

It has minimal environmental impact as less soil disturbance and no excavated debris for disposal. The floor slabs with air pockets created by the shell form an insulating layer between the structure and the floor.