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How to Get a Fishing Charter in Playa del Carmen?

If you're looking to experience an amazing fishing adventure in Playa del Carmen, consider chartering a boat with a local fisherman. Here are five tips on how to get the best fishing charter experience in the city: 

1. Do your research. When choosing a fishing charter company, make sure to ask about their experience and expertise in fishing in Playa del Carmen waters. You'll want a company that knows the best spots and can provide you with quality gear and instruction. You can visit Poverty Sucks Fishing official website for more information about best fishing trips in Riviera Maya – Mexico.

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2. Book early. The best fishing opportunities in Playa del Carmen tend to go quickly, so book your charter as soon as possible. 

3. Bring your own gear. Many of the local fishermen offer gear for rent, but you're still encouraged to bring your own equipment – including a good reel, line, tackle box, and landing net – just in case. 

4. Wear sunscreen and insect repellent! Playa del Carmen is known for its bright sunshine and intense heat, which means you'll need to protect yourself from both UV radiation and bugs while out on the water. 

5. Have fun! The goal of any fishing trip is to have fun, so don't be afraid to get a little crazy and take chances. Don't be afraid to try new techniques when you're out on the water, and always have fun! 

6. Respect the limits for your license if you want to stay legal! Under Mexican fishing laws, anglers are only allowed to keep 5 fish at any one time (unless they are over 15 years of age). Anglers who catch more than this number of fish must turn them back into the nearest Coast Guard station within 24 hours. The catch limit is 3 per person per day.