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Auto Transmission Repair and the Benefits of Maintenance

If left alone until it breaks down, transmission repairs can become very expensive. Depending on the situation, this can easily leave the owner with a difficult decision whether to pay for repairs or buy a new car. However, with regular care, you may never end up in this precarious position.

Any auto transmissions repair mechanic will be happy to tell you that regular care and maintenance are the keys to keeping your car on the road for a very long time. This service could be nothing more than a basic check. It could be as much as a flush. In any event, here are some of the benefits of seeing a mechanic for regular maintenance.


Extended Life

With vehicles costing as much as they do and their notoriety for quickly losing resale value, it's no wonder that drivers want to get as many years out of a purchase as possible. Newer vehicles are certainly making this possible. Their engines and mechanics are designed to last, given they receive proper maintenance along the way.

Unfortunately, they don't receive that proper maintenance in many cases. Transmission repair can be very expensive. If you take your car in for general service now and then (including filter and gasket replacement and new fluid), you can make sure you extend the life of your car as long as possible.

Flushing Fluid

Car manufacturers get an oil change every three to six thousand miles, with some variation built-in due to external factors such as driving conditions. Often, this is one of the only forms of regular maintenance a driver will keep up with. To avoid transmission repair, however, you should ignore the fluid keeping that part of your car lubricated and running.

While a flush certainly doesn't need to be done every 3,000 miles, it should be considered every couple of years. With pressure, all of the fluid is taken out and replaced with fresh lubrication. Seeing as lubrication fights heat-one of the biggest causes of breaks-it easy to see why this is so important.