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How To Extend Individual Lashes

You want long lashes in 2 hours! It’s true! This trend is a great idea! For those with shaky, sparse, or short lashes, this seems like an excellent opportunity. Before you make an appointment, here are some things to keep in mind.

What are eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are applied individually to natural lashes. This can be synthetic or human hair. You can also find distinct lash extensions online that can give your eyes a fuller look.

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They are available in various lengths and thicknesses for customization. It will look like your natural lashes. How are they used? They are used one by one for individual lashes which are in the middle of their life cycle which last for 4-6 weeks.

This procedure is usually performed with the client lying on a massage table with the lower lashes affixed with medical tape that protects the lashes on the eyelids from sticking to the lower lashes. Allow up to 2 hours with experienced technicians.

It will take around 4-6 weeks, depending on the life cycle of your lashes. You should return a week after your first application for technician review and then come back every two weeks to “fill in”. Remember that any time you lose natural lashes, you are losing extensions.

Take some time to consult and determine if you are comfortable with the technology. Pay attention to cleanliness and find out if this is their first time offering a special client, which often includes a free appointment within a week of applying. Be honest with technology because the time and money you invest should be worth it!