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You must See National Parks in Australia

A trip to a national park in Australia is about taking in amazing waterfalls, gorges and waterfalls rivers, swimming pools, and lush green rainforests along with wildlife and more natural marvels. You can also plan the best Wilsons’ prom day trip with your family.

However, that does not mean that there isn't enjoyment for those who are active. They can enjoy camping, swimming, trekking in the mountains, hiking, or bush-walking, and do a variety of other activities on arrival.

Australia is one of the rare nations on earth with perfect scenery to enjoy vacations. 

Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria

The indigenous people have maintained Wilson's prom as a secret gem for a long time. Many people camp and walk in love with the spot. Explore Norman beaches, Sealers Cove, Mount Oberon, and Squeaky beach and simply walk around. Surprises are waiting for you!

Grampians National Park, Victoria

The Victorian park is rugged mountains that are popular for its stunning scenic views of the rocky landscape, breathtaking wildflowers with a rich cultural heritage, and a variety of things to do. So why not go to the park once to see what other natural sights there are waiting for you!

Great Otway National Park, Victoria

Most commonly referred to as the Otways The park is a well-known stopping point for anyone who travels along the Great Ocean Road. The huge trees, the tall trees that plant ferns in the trees, the lighthouse triplet falls, and Melba Gully is some major attractions in the park, to mention just a few.