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8 Essential Benefits of Using Software for Personalized SMS Marketing

One of the easiest ways of business communication is SMS marketing or text marketing. It is, however, quite true that it has the potential that is still not harnessed completely. It is the reason why businesses today are making use of personalized SMS marketing.

SMS or text messaging was predominantly used for personal conversations until recently. Businesses started to realize the scope and importance of SMS marketing as it was only when the world witnessed a steep increase in the use of smartphones.

  1. High Open Rates

Text messages have higher open rates when compared to emails and phone calls, as this is one of the top benefits of bulk SMS marketing—making SMS marketing services a boon to every enterprise looking for quick and effective customer service. About 98% of the messages sent are opened.

  1. Better Conversion Rate

The benefits of SMS in business are several, even with the higher usage of instant messaging through the apps. SMS will still be witnessing a better conversion rate than all of its new-age counterparts, for instance. People would take action on the promotions with offers that are shared through SMS than through any other marketing services as they are more likely to visit your business.

  1. SMS Marketing is Inexpensive

SMS marketing is a highly cost-effective option for the addition of benefits of the bulk SMS marketing further which are the Cloud messaging services. There are service providers out there who are offering the bulk SMS options through the SMS API or even their platforms allowing businesses to reach out to several of their customers in a few easy steps here.

  1. Greater Audience Reach

Statista has reported that in 2018, about 52.2% of all the online traffic was being generated through mobile phones globally that making SMS marketing the best form of communication for businesses with the increased use of smartphones.

One of the ideal benefits of SMS in business is that getting a text message will not need internet connectivity as a working phone will be enough to suffice. SMS marketing is nothing less of a goldmine here with the heightened usage of phones.

  1. Instant Delivery

One should be making sure that they are associated with a good Cloud telephony provider having strong network operator connections across this world for reaping the benefits of the use of the software for personalized SMS marketing. When businesses are looking to deliver the time-bound OTPs, this network-operator relation can be of great use.


  1. Campaign Success Visibility

The next thing businesses would need is insights on the performance once bulk SMS marketing campaigns are triggered. They can make use of these details for planning out their SMS marketing strategies and reaching out to the right audience for garnering more attention.

  1. Easy Opt-In/Opt-Out

The benefit of SMS in business is such that the messages still have an easy way out if the customers do not wish to hear from the businesses through regulatory compliances that are high in SMS marketing compared to email marketing.

  1. Flexible and Reliable SMS Marketing

For announcing the ongoing sale, offering the discount coupon offers, or even informing customers about the new store that has opened nearby and sending the appointment reminders, order status for the online shoppers, and more is what the businesses can use SMS services for. SMS, however, is offering limited space for conveying their story.

It also offers a secure and reliable platform for businesses to reach out to their customers worry-free since most of the messages are sent through the cloud telephony provider.