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How To Increase The Life Of Your Solar Panels

Some people may be deterred from taking the solar route because home solar panels were very expensive when they first hit the market.

The average manufacturer's warranty for a solar module is around 25 years, although there are still many such modules out there that significantly exceed this lifespan. You can also get more information about solar panel preservation through the web.

Installation and Financing

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Routine maintenance

Panels must be kept free of debris and/or fallen branches from overhanging trees and must be fully exposed to the sun and sky without being in shade. 

As you can imagine, solar panels work best when fully exposed to direct sunlight. Regular inspections for branches and other obstructions should be carried out by every solar system homeowner.

Dust and particles circulating in strong winds and storms detect the accumulation of dirt on the panels. As dirt builds up, it begins to shield the sun's rays on the panels and reduces energy conversion efficiency. 

Therefore, routine maintenance includes cleaning the platen with an appropriate cleaning and washing solution to maintain its performance and ensure its durability.


Solar panels have a minimal number of parts. Fewer parts mean fewer errors. But almost no artificial product can be tampered with and over the lifetime of your beautiful green system,

Information like this can help you learn different ways to access free electricity and free energy. If you want to learn about additional options for cutting your electricity bill while remaining mom-friendly, see below for information on home electricity, solar panels, and more.