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Importance Of Software Test Automation

Automatization tools such as QTP (Quick Test Professional) can store an image of every page that is accessed during the test. This can be used to prove that the testing was successfully completed and we can also refer to the previous test results' screenshots in case we require to reference them.

They could provide incorrect input data due to typos or they might not be aware of the operation of the system properly or fail to properly report the test result or fail the test case they want to run or forget to run certain preconditions that might alter the order of test case execution. You can click on https://www.repeato.app/advanced-testing-techniques/ for best software test automation.

Another crucial aspect is that Test scripts that automate tests are utilized as a method of storing knowledge about a project/domain by Test Engineers. 

For instance, if an engineer works on a project for a year, he could spend more time studying the subject, the goals of the task, the modules within the project, and the flow of all functions. 

If automated test scripts are available, the new Tester can begin the testing process by running the automated scripts, with no information about the program.

The main benefit of automating tests over manual tests is the speed of execution. Testing can be executed quickly, and we are able to execute the test scripts at the night with no human involvement.