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Differences Between Hardwood And Oak Sliding Doors In Perth

The most common type of wood used for interior cabinet doors is oak. Oak is a species of hardwood consisting of various types of hard and durable oak. The most common type of softwood used for interior doors is pine.

Hardwood and softwood doors differ in many ways. Typical oak doors have a high resistance to moisture and humidity. This means the door will not easily deform if you have high humidity in your home. Standard pine interior doors are sturdy and strong. With intensive use, these doors also tend to show signs of wear and tear over time. You can also get more information about sliding doors from this source: Sliding Door – Nuspec Windows.

Appearance is another difference seen between hard oak doors and soft pine doors. Oak doors tend to be darker in color with a unique grain pattern in the wood. Tree grains also have a texture that you can feel. Pine doors are subtle and show imperfections like knots with other natural features.

The big difference between oak interior doors and pine interior doors is the price of the wood. Oak doors tend to be more expensive than pine doors. The reason for this is that oaks have a longer growing season than pine trees. 

Considering oak interior doors or pine interior sliding doors should be based on many factors. An important factor is the type of stain or paints you will be using. Colour is not a good choice for oak as it hides the natural grain. It was found that pine grain looked better dyed than dyed. Another factor is that pine wood is porous and does not absorb stains evenly.