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What To Know When Hiring A Drug Crime Attorney

Most state courts are much tougher on drug dealers than drug users. Because politicians and legislators view drugs as a direct cause of illegal activity, they are usually referred to as the source. Many states prosecute suspected druggists to the fullest extent of the law. 

Drug offenses are usually based on the type of substance controlled and the amount seized by the authorities. The defendant can be charged with human smuggling if he has a certain amount of a substance. 

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All other things being equal, possession with intent to sell is not a serious charge for a drug crime defender. It is somewhere between ordinary treasure and traffic. A defendant can be charged with a crime if the police and prosecutors believe that the drugs seized were not for personal or recreational use only.

Several things that can lead them to this conclusion are the presence of drug knick-knacks such as scales or bags at the crime scene, packaging methods, types and/or amounts of substances, availability of weapons, and their uses. Detection by notifying the suspect to the police or prosecutor that he intends to sell the goods.

Possible legal protection

As dire as the prospects may be, an experienced drug attorney can help. Laws are procedural, and if the police or prosecutors go overboard, charges can be reduced or dropped. A drug crimes attorney can help protect your legal rights if you are accused of possessing with intent to sell a controlled substance.