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Outdoor Picnic Theme Party

Outdoor parties have their own charm. The beauty of nature and the illumination of the night sky add to the atmosphere of the party, making it unique and very romantic.

Some festival themes are perfect for outdoor parties. The natural environment and atmosphere make them very suitable. Warm weather, nature, and opportunities for the activity should be used to your advantage.

If you're having an outdoor summer party, you might consider one of these picnic-themed party ideas.


Instead of a traditional party, you can have a picnic in your backyard or anywhere outside. Picnics are informal and allow people to socialize and have fun. Picnics are easy to organize. You don't need special decorations and expensive sets.

A picnic blanket and a plastic or paper plate are suitable. Finger dishes, salads, fruit, and cheese plates are perfect for a picnic party. Such outdoor parties have another great advantage – they can be perfectly combined with activities and sports. 

Beach party

The beach can be a great place for parties. You can do it in the heart of the holiday. Beach parties can be held almost anywhere, but they are most authentic and exciting outdoors.

Such an outdoor party goes well with tropical cocktails, seafood, and salads. The menu can even be inspired by the tropics or other popular sea destinations. 

Flower Party Theme

Outdoor parties need to focus on nature to be the most successful. A flower party in the garden will be beautiful, elegant, and very sophisticated. This theme is suitable for every day and more formal gatherings.