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How to Build a Panna Cage to Play Football Games?

Do you want to work on your football skills on your own? Maybe you’re a football coach who wants to try something new in your practice, and you also examine how to build a Panna cage to play various football games. You will attempt to come up with some suggestions for you here:

Panna Game

This one will help each participant develop their technique. You can play this game one-on-one or two-on-two. You build up a small pitch with cones and a goal on each side. Every game can last as long as you wish. You must place the ball between the “goal cones” for the team to score.

However, if they can do a Panna on the opponent, they will win by knockout. The purpose of a Panna is to nutmeg the opponent. It’s critical to maintain control of the ball after the Panna; otherwise, it’s not a true Panna, and the game continues.

2 vs. 2 Games

This game is similar to the last drill, but you gain a point for executing a Panna this time. As a result, you earn points for both scoring and doing pannas. This may be beneficial in preventing the players from focusing primarily on their legs.

This will also be a very technical game with numerous obstacles to overcome. In the Panna game, though, there will be a lot more hurdles. Because they want to Panna the opponent and, in this case, score a lot of goals, they will play as a team rather than as individuals.

Juggling Battles

Either pure juggling or who does the finest tricks. The majority of football players are fierce competitors who want to win. As a result, if they lose a battle, they will return home and practice more football techniques.

Final Words

If you are thinking about how to build a Panna cage for playing various football games, then this article is helpful for you. In this article, here are some different games are discussed that are played in a Panna cage.