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Infant Necrotizing Enterocolitis: NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit

Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), a serious gastrointestinal problem, is most common in premature babies. Parents may be able to hold the manufacturer responsible for NEC and its devastating effects on the newborn and their families if the formula was given to the infant.

The following information will be giving you more clarity about NEC formula lawsuits so keep reading.

According to the March of Dimes, almost 1 in 10 infants in America is born prematurely each year. Children's Hospital reported that as many as 10% of premature infants will experience NEC. Between 25 and 50% of necrotizing enterocolitis, cases are fatal according to a 2017 article in Advances in Nutrition.

Research has shown that formula consumption is linked to neonatal NEC. Many baby formula brands are fortified with cow's milk. 

The heartbroken families and parents of preemies who suffered severe harm and complications and lost their lives due to NEC are bringing lawsuits against the baby formula manufacturers that use cow's milk.

Who can file NEC Baby Formula Lawsuits

Parents and families of infants who have suffered severe injuries from NEC could be eligible to file a claim against baby-food manufacturers.

In general, injuries and harms that could be eligible for compensation are:

These conditions can cause long-term problems and are known as gastrointestinal or bowel issues.

Neurological conditions

Cerebral palsy

Peritonitis and sepsis are two examples of infections.

Surgery is required to remove and/or repair bowel tissue, colostomy, or other invasive procedures.

NEC and its complications can cause infant death.

The lawsuits currently in progress require that the baby was born before 37 weeks gestation. The child must be diagnosed with necrotizing Enterolitis.