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Getting Your Kids To Eat Healthier

A healthy meal starts with you! No one can alter your eating habits without your consent. It is difficult to eat healthy in these fast-paced times. Children grow up in an age where fast food and packaged goods from the grocery shop are the norms.

Try not to use the word "healthy". People, in general, think "healthy" means it doesn't taste good. Use the words "Real Food" that feeds the body what it needs. You can also look for the best meal prep service for childrens online.

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Here are a few tips on gradually changing your family's eating style:

1. Reduce soda and excessive consumption of fruit juices and other sugary drinks. Up to their intake of water, dehydration can be a big problem for many people. 

If children are used to sugary drinks, you can compromise by buying low-sugar mixes to add to water to make the switch easier. Don't depend on these and only use them once in a while, gradually getting them to drink pure water.

2. Replace "white" with whole wheat or whole grains. With bread go for smooth wheat, rather than grainy bread. Switch "white" pasta to whole grain and no one will probably even realize it.

3. Get rid of dry processed package goods. Chips, fruit snacks, snack bars, toaster pastries, etc. Buy some healthier alternatives like granola bars, rye, or bagels chips, check out the health food aisle at your grocery store, they may have some substitutes.