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The Best Hoist Systems for Hydrotherapy Pools

One of the good things about a high-quality lifting system is the durability that comes with it. Any good lift will last for years, especially if it is reliable for the future. However, the process is a little different when you get a Kingfisher Pool/Spa Access Seat system that outperforms a hydrotherapy pool. 

Likewise, the layout of the levers can be slightly different to give you the best possible access not only to the hydrotherapy pool but to all adjoining dressing rooms. Let's take a look at what to consider when designing a hydrotherapy lift pool system.

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When installing a lift system over a hydrotherapy pool, you should always consider how moisture can affect the various components of the ceiling track. Tracks are made of metal and therefore can corrode over time if exposed to more moisture.

Our Airglide360 trackers are painted and powder coated by default, but other lift providers may not offer the same functionality. When purchasing a hoist that protrudes above the pool, make sure it is treated with anti-corrosion paint. This will protect the rails from rust and other problems that moisture can cause.

Ceiling elevator above the pool

Lift systems installed above ponds should be specially treated for humid environments.

The lifts can also be used over hydrotherapy pools without any problems, but we always recommend using a handheld infrared device. They are wireless and should be kept away from the pool whenever possible. They are splash resistant, but not waterproof. Plated panels are also available and protected with anti-corrosion paint; Which protects all hoist and clutch components.