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Reasons To Use A Professional Headshot Photographer Versus A Good Photographer For Acting Jobs

There are many types of photographers who may be professionals in their field, but not necessarily who you should go to for your headshot. Some photographers may overlap with specialities. However, if the main photo is not at the top of the list, be considerate of others.

For reference, here are some types of good photographers and why they might not be useful for landing acting jobs.

Photographer from the mall

Most mall photographers are franchisees. Some have professional headshot photo studio in Milwaukee that has professionally trained photographers and some don't. They specialize in family or glamour photos. More often, they have different backgrounds and properties to define the scene. 

Headshots require a simple background, usually without props or scenery. Some have packages at very reasonable prices for a number of prints. Some are very expensive, including features seen in portrait photographers. 99% of these photos will not work as headshots. If you really want a career for yourself, then you will not try to use these photos for headshots.

Portrait photographer

Portrait photographers are usually trained to take high-quality artistic photos of people and families. They work with light and background to set the mood and capture amateurs in photos that look good, but generally don't share the same characteristics that differentiate headshots and portraits. 

Really good portrait photographers usually pack one or two good quality prints, often larger than 8×10, for an artistic look in the family home.