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Class Action Alleges Airbags Seatbelts on GM Trucks

The proposed class action claims that scores of SUVs and trucks manufactured or sold from General Motors after 2009 suffer due to a defect that could hinder the seatbelts from being tightened and airbags from being deployed in certain kinds of crashes.

The lengthy 164-page lawsuit claims that the problem is due to sensors and diagnostic modules (SDM) inside each car's airbag controller. For GM airbag class action lawsuits you can visit General Motors injury lawsuit center.

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The SDM is a tiny computer that is connected to sensors all over the vehicle that detects abnormal behavior, fires the airbags, as well as tightens seat belts during a crash. lawsuit relays.

The complaint states that however the software that regulates the involved vehicle's SDM has been set in the hands of GM to ensure that seatbelt and airbag deployment within 45 milliseconds of when the crash began. 

This means that a car and SUV's airbag could not be deployed and seat belts won't adjust in real-world crashes that last for more than 45 milliseconds-such as ones that cause multiple crashes or escalate in severity, as per the suit brought by eight plaintiffs in Michigan on the 5th of August.

A crash where the GM vehicle's seatbelts and airbags may not be deployed, as according to the suit the scenario in which the vehicle initially hits an obstacle or speed bump before hitting the tree or another vehicle. 

The suit claims GM did not disclose their knowledge regarding the SDM calibration flaw and has not recalled or fixed the affected vehicles "presumably in order to avoid the huge expenses and inconveniences" of removing millions of vehicles and trucks out of the sale.