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Wrongful Dismissal Of The Employees

Unlawful dismissal is when the employee is fired or terminated by their employer without being given adequate notice. The employee suffers from mental and financial stress because of this act of the employer. If you or your loved ones are also experiencing wrongful dismissal then you can consult Ontarios trusted employment lawyers for wrongful dismissal.

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Here are some situations when we can call a dismissal unlawful

  • An employer who terminates employment without cause but refuses to pay appropriate compensation.

  • The employer terminates an employee because of an unreasonable cause and could not pay any compensation.

  • When an employer changes fundamental terms and conditions or makes the work environment unbearable.

  • If you are being fired on the grounds of race, religion, gender, age, nationality, disability, or pregnancy, talk to an attorney for unlawful termination right away. Any discrimination which causes the removal of the employee is unlawful.

Employers must give strong, valid reasons for termination. If they don't, it is a wrongful termination.

Many employees were fired in different sectors as the economic slowdown and the pandemic grew worse. This type of termination poses a risk to the employer's reputation in the market.

A written job contract can be a reliable source of information that will help your lawyer understand the terms and conditions. It will also ensure that your termination is legal.