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Help Him Get Over By Treating Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Separation anxiety is a very common problem in dogs. It can be stressful for both the dog and its owner. It is the reason many dogs are left to their own devices or end up in shelters for rehoming, or worse, even euthanizing. 

Separation anxiety in dogs’ symptoms should not go untreated as the consequences can be very distressing for the dog. Thundershirt, a product that reduces separation anxiety in dogs, has been proven to be effective in dealing with this condition.


Dog anxiety can present in many different ways, and often as a combination of signs. Although it may seem absurd and ridiculous to have your dog behave this way when you leave the house, you should recognize that your dog has separation anxiety. Here are some signs that could indicate that your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety.

– Excessive barking. 

– Whining.

– Destructive chewing

– Excessive shaking or panting.

– Indoor play even for house-trained dogs

It is important not to lose heart for your dog. Even though it might seem absurd to you, your dog is still suffering. He fears you will not return and you are his center of attention. Separation from you can be very stressful for your dog and you should be ready to help him. This problem can be solved by a training program that helps you and your dog to cope better.