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How to Select Burial Urns That Are Eco-Friendly

People are increasingly asking for cremation as part of their afterlife wishes. Some people do it for financial reasons. However, cremation is often preferred over traditional burials because it is more environmentally friendly. To honor their wish to make Mother Earth more beautiful after their death, you might consider biodegradable burial containers to hold their cremains. 

You can visit online websites to buy beautiful urns for your loved ones who recently dies. One of the issues with finding eco-friendly burial urns is that some companies will try to sell you urns that aren't 100% green. What can you do to ensure that burial urns you are considering are biodegradable?

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Use thick paper and ceramic urns. Some materials are not biodegradable. Glass, metal, and stone are not biodegradable and will not degrade over time. They make beautiful memorial urns, however. Not all ceramic urns can be biodegradable. You should ensure that the ceramic used to make burial urns is not too thick or has micro-perforations.

The urn will biodegrade faster if it has a thinner shell and tiny perforations. You can also find urns made of a cardboard-like material, which are designed to quickly break down in soil or water. Check the materials used to make burial urns. Complex chemical names may indicate that the urn might not be biodegradable.

Make sure that any glaze is organic. This is a crucial aspect of burial urns. The glaze used to decorate the urn is often overlooked. However, it can have a detrimental effect on the land. Make sure that the glazes are made with natural dyes and vegetable or plant bases.