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Tips To Identify Health & Safety Risks In Commercial Buildings

If you are the one who controls or is accountable for commercial properties (as the owner or as a landlord) then you are also accountable for the safety and security of the area around the property. 

The obligations may be expansive and may include the need to conduct regular risk assessments of the property, which may include the risk assessment for fire and water safety. You can also look for the best asbestos removal company in Washington DC via an online source.

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It is also possible to conduct investigations like an asbestos survey to ensure that when work is completed the contractor knows the risk of asbestos in the building. It is possible to schedule regular water testing and conduct tests for fire alarms and learn fire alarm evacuation procedures. 

You might need to make sure that people are on the premises who are prepared in the event of emergencies, use extinguishers and evacuate the premises, and also provide first assistance.

It is also the responsibility to ensure that the machinery within the building is properly maintained. Lifts and escalators, gas-powered equipment such as boilers, and HVAC equipment need regular inspections and maintenance and emergency lighting must be regularly tested.

If you're responsible for the instruction of construction workers or maintenance on your property, then you need to be aware of the safety and health responsibilities and obligations associated with managing projects.