Reasons You Need Explainer Videos for Your Business

Explainer videos are animated videos that explain complex ideas in a visually stimulating manner. They are useful in education and business.

These are the characteristics of such videos

They should be brief.

A feature-length explainer is simply not possible. It will lose its purpose, and it will become boring rather than engaging. For instance, you can check out the top 10 engaging and unique explainer videos on  This would help you have a clear understanding of the characteristics that your business explainer should have.

They are animated

An explainer video cannot be made from a live-action clip or film. They must be animated, regardless of what type.

They simplify an idea.

It is not enough to present a complex idea in these videos. These videos must simplify the idea or they will lose their purpose.

They are high-quality.

The creators of these videos must use all colors, fonts, and logos with care. They cannot simply put together colorful moving pictures and call it an explainer video. Explainer videos should be treated as an art form.

They use sound effects and music to create the atmosphere.

Music, sound effects, and high-quality voiceovers are key components of explainer videos. This is done to get the best engagement from the audience and to clearly and concisely explain the idea.