Interesting Facts about Forest

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Here are some of the most interesting facts about forests.

  1. More than 80% of land plants and animals are found in forests along covering world’s total land area in the region of about 31%. Moreover, forests play a huge role in terms of livelihoods and daily needs for about 1.6billion people across the globe.
  2. One single tree is capable of capturing or hiding about 150kgs of CO2 every year. That’s a fact about a single tree. But if you talk about the entire forest, it can capture CO2 in the region of 296 gigatonne’s.
  3. Urban areas like a city can experience cool air by 8degrees thanks to planting more trees. This in turn helps us not to depend on the use air conditioning. Plus, trees in cities can also be used as filtration for air, remove harmful pollutants and harmful gases.
  4. Wind power, solar, and hydroelectric are renewable energy supplies which is provided by wood fuel. With proper technological innovation and planting more trees can have a significant role in producing renewable energy.
  5. Rather than using concrete in the construction industry, using food helps in reducing carbon emission in the region of 40% while 30% compared to the use of steel. If builders take this under consideration, then expect carbon emission to go down to about 31% globally.
  6. Rainforest plants play a huge role as an origin for 25% of medicines. However, scientists haven’t been able to study all the 25% of the medicines. 

Although there are a ton of interesting facts about forests, onsite forest assessments is important.