Important Facts About Electrocardiogram ECG

Electrocardiogram ECG is a technique to analyze the speed of heartbeat. The electrical signals from the heartbeat are captured and displayed on a computer screen with a graph. The doctor analyzes the PQRST curve and evaluates the condition of the patient as well as his heart. The test is conducted in the event of an illness or medical condition.

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Around 10-12 electrodes are connected to the legs. Electrodes are devices for electrical conduction that are able to detect impulses. Therefore, they can detect cardiac electrical impulses known as electrical cardiac impulses.

The entire process takes approximately 7 minutes for the entire procedure to be completed. An electrocardiogram ECG will provide us with 12 different images of the heart's electrical impulses. They are the result of the cardiac contracting and expanding. The pattern of waves is known as PQRST the wave or curve each section represents an individual phase of the heart cycle. 

It is an effective method to understand the rhythm of beating and the pulse rate.Conduction abnormalities can be detected through electrocardiogram ECG.The examination could be conducted to identify signs that there is a constant chest pain or fatigue that is not easily reversible. These are signs of an unsound heart. The treatment options are available depending on the medical state. But, one should adhere to a routine of exercise and adhere to a fat-free diet in order to live a life without cardiac issues.