Best Infertility Treatment For Men

There are three options for treating infertility: medication, surgery, and assisted reproductive technology (ART). ART is a more advanced treatment for infertility and is generally more costly than the other methods.

It all depends on the sterile treatment for men and the individual receiving it. Sometimes, it can take several months for fertility drugs to show results. Sometimes, a surgical correction can result in conception within a few months. 


In other cases, it may take several months. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is assisted reproductive technology. The embryo is fertilized in a laboratory and then transferred into the mother's uterus where it grows into a baby. 

If IVF is successful, the entire IVF process can take between 4 and 6 weeks. It would take two more weeks to see pregnancy symptoms. The success rate of fertility treatments depends on many factors, including the underlying cause, age, treatment method, and expertise of the facility. 

Infertility treatments have a 25% success rate on average (a cycle of treatment may last several days, or even several weeks depending upon the method used). A treatment cycle may need to be repeated multiple times in order to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Research has been done on factors such as the success rate of a clinic (some clinics define success as having a healthy pregnancy while others refer to it as having a live baby), the success rate for a specific treatment method, success in treating a particular problem or age group, the expertise of the treatment facility, licensing of the clinic, and when the clinic was established.