A Child Custody Investigator in Albany, NY

A child custody investigator is usually hired to provide evidence to the courts. Their work is often very secretive and thorough. They might use many of the same tactics and tools that are used in detective work. 

They may use video surveillance, phone taps, and constant observation to collect evidence. The strategies used by Mission Possible Investigations are amazing to have a clear picture of parental interaction. Private investigators are more likely to be incriminated if they are hired. 

This can prove to be a difficult obstacle for the opposition, so they must know when they are being monitored. In recent years, custody battles have become more intense. 

Parents are more open to trying out unconventional tactics to build their cases. However, the court system is becoming more strict. Parents on both sides have little room to make mistakes due to this combination. 

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Due to the high level of pressure in these cases, the number of child custody investigators is on the rise. They were once only available to those who could afford them, but they are now being used by the courts. 

Parents need to be aware of the power an investigator has over their case, as the evidence they provide is heavily weighted in the custody judge's favor.

When the parent has full control over the proceedings, it is the best way to appeal custody. A lawyer should not be relied upon to win your case.