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No other zombie movie has been as successful as The Walking Dead. Based on comic book series, this television series has led to the popularity of action figures, toys, and other items that would fit into any zombie collection. You can also buy the best walking dead comics (also known as beste walking dead bande dessinée in the french language) for getting good knowledge.

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If you were Rick Grimes, the show’s protagonist who works as the county sheriff, would you still be thanking your lucky star for waking you from a coma only to find that walkers or zombie-like creatures have taken over your world?

The 2010 series was not only a success in-game ratings with nine million for the second season finale alone but was also nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best TV Drama Series category.

The dead here are not actually called zombies, they are walkers. Regardless of the nomenclature, the creature is really like a corpse that can eat flesh, devour humans, and make humans one of them through its infectious bite.

Your TV series collection wouldn’t be complete without Sheriff Rick Grimes. After all, he is the main character in the top zombie series, and more importantly, he is the best zombie killer you will ever have. You can also add his son Carl and his wife Laurie to his collection. And to complete the main character, look for the character Shane Walsh. Shane is Rick’s best friend.

One of the best toys you can get from the world-famous zombie series is a board game based on the famous TV series by AMC. Board games can entertain two to four players who must complete a board game in an hour. Players can play the role of zombies or survivors.